Bahrain: Rights Activists Ask British Prince to Cancel Visit to Manama

The announcement by Clarence House that Prince Charles will be visiting three Gulf countries, including Bahrain, in November has stirred the reaction of human rights campaigners, with some claiming that the visit will serve as an endorsement of the abuses Read more

KSA-Iran: “They are not Muslims” but “Followers of Magus” Saudi’s Mufti

Following Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s damaging remarks against Saudi Arabia and calls for reviewing the management of the annual Hajj, Riyadh, through its Foreign Affairs Minister, responded by stating that Tehran is “politicizing” the fifth pillar of Islam Read more

KSA: Medina Suicide Attack Shocks Islamic Ummah

Saudi Arabia had been targeted by three coordinated attacks on Monday, carried out in the cities of Jeddah, Qatif and Medina, but the most shocking of them all is the attack by a suicide bomber against Prophet Mohammed’s (S.A.W) mosque, Read more

Lebanon: Hezbollah slams Saudi claiming influence projection, authorities divided

Politicians in Lebanon are in disarray following the $3million military aid suspension to the Lebanese army by Riyadh that was followed few days after by travel warnings from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait to the country. The decision is believed Read more

Iran is a Danger to Bahrain, Interior Minister

Bahrain’s Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa, expounded before clerics, members of parliament and newspapers’ editors in chief the “dangers” posed to Bahrain by some countries, singling out Iran due to its detrimental actions targeting the kingdom’s security and stability. Read more

Iranian and Saudi waters still hot, clash at WEF

Tehran and Riyadh do not seem ready to heal their ties any time soon, as reports emerged that Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and the former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. who once headed the Kingdom’s intelligence service, Prince Turki Read more

Bahrain increases role, toughens position in Saudi-Iran row

Protests in Bahrain which started after the announcement of the execution of Shia cleric on Saturday entered its 4th day on Tuesday and are likely to continue as tempers continue to flare while government announced that it was halting all Read more