KSA: Medina Suicide Attack Shocks Islamic Ummah

Saudi Arabia had been targeted by three coordinated attacks on Monday, carried out in the cities of Jeddah, Qatif and Medina, but the most shocking of them all is the attack by a suicide bomber against Prophet Mohammed’s (S.A.W) mosque, Read more

Egypt: Cairo blames Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas for Killing Public Prosecutor

Egyptian government Sunday charged outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and Gaza’s Hamas of the assassination of Public Chief Prosecutor Hisham Barakat last year in June. “This plot was carried out on the orders of the Muslim Brotherhood … in close coordination with Read more

Yemen: Vatican Hopes Senseless Violence Will Awaken Consciences, Bring Peace

Pope Francis expressed sadness, during his Sunday mass at the Vatican, at the deadly attack on an elderly home in Aden, Yemen, on Friday, describing it as an “act of senseless and diabolical violence.” The attack left 16 people dead, Read more

Tunisia: Politicians demand more after 3rd terror attack

Tunisia’s reaction to the third major ISIS-claimed attack in the country has been criticized by some politicians demanding the government to double efforts in fighting terrorism. An attack on the bus of the presidential guards by a Tunisian suicide bomber Read more

Iran shows underground missile base, warns against attack “mistakes”

In an unusual footage, Iran’s Fars news agency aired video footage of an underground missile bunker manned by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) with military chief Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, aerospace division commander, warning against attacking the country. Read more

Kuwait: Death sentences, jail terms for June Shia mosque attack

Judge Mohammad al-Duaij read out his ruling of the 26 June suicide attack at the Imam Sadiq mosque in a packed Kuwaiti courtroom with armored vehicles deployed around its perimeter and helicopters hovering above it. Seven suspects were handed the Read more