Yemen: Sana’a Has Fallen Militarily, MSF Leaves Yemen

The Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Shura Council Othman Majli of the Hadi-led government has claimed that the capital Sana’a has fallen militarily. The minister who made the claim while speaking to al-Arabiya news channel said tribal elders Read more

Yemen: Hadi Threatens to Boycott UN Peace Talks, Promises Victory to Loyal Forces

President Hadi of Yemen made a surprise visit to the governorate of Marid, South of Sana’a, ahead of an operation to liberate the capital and other provinces. He vowed that celebrations will “soon” begin as he promised flying Yemen’s flag Read more

Yemen: Bahah Dismissed as Prime Minister, Named Presidential Advisor

President Hadi relieved Khaled Bahah of his duties as Prime Minister and Vice-President of his government on Sunday and named him as his advisor. Local and international media claim the removal was due to the two men’s differing opinions on Read more

Yemen: Vatican Hopes Senseless Violence Will Awaken Consciences, Bring Peace

Pope Francis expressed sadness, during his Sunday mass at the Vatican, at the deadly attack on an elderly home in Aden, Yemen, on Friday, describing it as an “act of senseless and diabolical violence.” The attack left 16 people dead, Read more