Iran: GCC can count on UK as anti-Iran threat ally, PM May

Speaking at the 37th Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit, British Prime Minister Theresa May assured the Gulf States that the United Kingdom is “fully committed” to the strategic partnership between them. She stated that she is “clear-eyed about the threat” Read more

Iran faces accusations of various MENA states at the UN

Iran has responded to claims made by eleven Middle Eastern and North African States, about Tehran’s interference in their domestic affairs in a bid to destabilize them, in a message delivered by its Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Read more

KSA Lodges Complaint over Iran at UN Security Council

Saudi Arabia has, through its Ambassador to the UN Abdallah al-Mouallimi, addressed a letter to the UN Security Council complaining about Iran’s action in the Yemeni war. Riyadh accuses Tehran of supplying the Houthi Movement and its allies with weapons Read more

Yemen: Hadi Threatens to Boycott UN Peace Talks, Promises Victory to Loyal Forces

President Hadi of Yemen made a surprise visit to the governorate of Marid, South of Sana’a, ahead of an operation to liberate the capital and other provinces. He vowed that celebrations will “soon” begin as he promised flying Yemen’s flag Read more