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Egypt is backing Darfur rebels, President al-Bashir

Sudan has accused neighboring Egypt of fuelling the crisis in the Darfur region by providing support to the rebel group. President Omar al-Bashir, at a ceremony honoring retired army officers Tuesday in Khartoum, said the Sudanese forces have seized “armored vehicles and a large number of military vehicles and machinery” and that the armored vehicles […]

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Saudi Arabia proposes OPEC output freeze extension

Reports are emerging that consultations between members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and 11 non-members of the organization are likely to reach a deal that would extend the freeze on their output to next year. The current agreement is expected to expire in June 2017 and the meeting to extend it will […]

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Tunisia: Alert as protester dies at peaceful demonstration

The situation in Tunisia has become fragile after a protester was ‘accidentally’ killed when a vehicle driven by members of the National Guard overran him according to the Interior and Health ministries. The incident is being described as an accident by the officials, while protesters claim the victim was deliberately crushed. The ‘accident’ occurred as […]

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Tel Aviv fumes over US-KSA arm deal

Israel Sunday lambasted the multi-billion arms deal between Saudi Arabia and the United States, struck in Riyadh on Saturday as Israeli officials fear the future arms acquisition may put Saudi Arabia in a more comfortable power position in the region at the expense of Israel. President Trump and King Salman Saturday inked a $110 billion […]

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UAE: Dubai police introduces first robot cop

Dubai police Sunday presented the world’s first Robocop capable of identifying crime and petty offenses. The Robocop was presented at the ongoing Gulf Information and Security Expo and Conference in Dubai. The Robocop, 170 centimetres tall and weighing 100 kilograms, is outfitted with built-in tablet device and built-in cameras. It will stream video to the […]

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KSA: Billions-worth Aramco to open tourism training center

Saudi Arabia’s national oil company Aramco, weighing billions of dollars, will open a tourism training centre to meet the kingdom’s plans to diversify its oil-based economy. The future centre will receive 5,000 Saudi males and females who will undergo a four-year training, Reuters reports citing the oil giant. The company agreed with a state-controlled vocational […]

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US-Turkey: Trump assures Erdogan “ties are still good” despites divergences

US President Donald Trump Wednesday vowed fidelity to ties with Turkey saying that Washington will remain on the side of Ankara against outlawed Kurdish groups. President Trump was speaking at a joint press conference with visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was at the White House to seek American clarification on plans to arm […]

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KSA to house OIC’s human rights commission

Saudi Arabia has been chosen as permanent seat of the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the time the kingdom strives to polish its image on human rights. The IPHRC is a branch of OIC and “will provide on all human rights issues to the Council of […]

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Palestine projects to issue digital currency to circumvent Israel’s control

West Bank-based Palestine’s Monetary Authority (PMA) has indicated that leaders are mulling plans to issue a Palestinian digital currency in five–year time as a move to skirt around Israel’ powerful control over Palestinian economy. Azzam Shawwa, head of the institution noted that the move gives more control to Palestinians over supply and inflation. “That is […]

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Washington to scale up Saudi defense system with over $100 billion arm deal

Saudi Arabia is on the verge of acquiring new weapons under a $100 billion deal with the United States, as ties between the two countries are thawing and as President Trump is expected in the coming days in the Saudi Kingdom, first stop in his first foreign trip. Washington is about to close $100 billion […]

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