Bahrain: 17 members of a terror cell arrested, two at large

Seventeen people have been arrested in Bahrain and are accused of forming a “terror cell” that has threatened the state’s security and stability. The Public Prosecutor Ahmed al-Hammadi claimed that the bomb attacks on the villages of Maqaba, al-Janabiya, Budaiya Read more

Bahrain closes new television channel funded by Saudi Billionaire

The newly opened Al-Arab channel that started broadcasting from Bahrain on Sunday has been shut down by authorities on Monday. Reasons that led to the decision still remain unclear. Many have linked it to the interview with Al Wefaq’s Khalil Read more

Expansion of British Naval Base in Bahrain Ignites Demonstrations

The deal concluded between Bahrain and Great Britain about the expansion of a British permanent naval base in the Gulf Emirate ignited demonstrations and harsh criticism. While critics claim that it is a reward for Britain’s silence on Human Right Read more

Bahrain: Shias boycott elections, claim more rights, more political freedom

Bahrain will be having municipal and parliamentary elections on Saturday, the first since the 2011 protests, but the polls are already being marred by boycotts from the Shia community and five political parties as demands for more rights and a Read more