Bahrain increases role, toughens position in Saudi-Iran row

Protests in Bahrain which started after the announcement of the execution of Shia cleric on Saturday entered its 4th day on Tuesday and are likely to continue as tempers continue to flare while government announced that it was halting all Read more

Iraq: Saudi mission wary of threat as protests increase

As tensions continue to rise in Iraq over the execution of Shia cleric sheikh al-Nimr by Saudi, the oil-rich diplomatic mission in Baghdad which opened its doors last week after 24years increased security around its premises as a precautionary measure Read more

Iran and Saudi accuse each other of flaming tension

Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Iran after its embassy was attacked by protesters following the execution of Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr, together with 46 others, and wants its diplomats to leave Riyadh by Tuesday. The two countries have accused Read more