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Oman crackdowns’on Al-Qaeda

Oman has joined forces with Yemen to trace Al-Qaeda members that have crossed into the country after the US backed Yemen military started inflicting heavy damage and casualties on them. The two countries are now sharing intelligence and are also coordinating their forces geared towards the goal of arresting them. Both sides confirmed the reports […]

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Putin commends Palestinians’ responsible approach to peace process

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday praised the Palestinian leadership and president Mahmoud Abbas for their responsible approach to the peace process seeking a two-state solution. “The Palestinian leadership and the president personally, have been behaving responsibly to achieve peace based on the two-state solution,” said Putin following a meeting he held in Bethlehem, the […]

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Oman Air Force Seeks AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles

Oman is seeking to purchase 55 AIM-9X block II Sidewinder missiles, 36 AIM-9X block II Sidewinder captive air training missiles and 6 AIM-9X block II tactical guidance units, says the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency. The $86 million arms deal also includes 4 AIM-9X block II captive air training missile guidance units, technical support, personnel […]

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Iran: EU maintains sanctions

The EU has confirmed after a meeting of foreign ministers that it would not retract the sanctions it has levied on Iran and they will be implemented on the first day of next month. Iran at its end is focusing on new strategies to ease the pressure on its economy which has been paralyzed by […]

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Kuwait: Full cabinet resigns

Political crisis in Kuwait are far from being over after the whole cabinet decided to tender its resignation at an extraordinary executive gathering to the Amir of the Gulf state, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, through the Prime Minister. Two of its members were forced to resign earlier on. Announced by the Information Minister, the decision […]

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Yemen awards new contract to APR Energy

Yemen has awarded a new energy contract to leading international temporary power provider, APR Energy, that will provide the country with a seasonal power solution. APR will provide for a reliable supply of electricity to counteract peak season demands in Yemen and will be flexible in nature in order to be run in connection to […]

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Egypt: And The Winner Is …

After the delay of the election results till Sunday, the Higher Presidential Election Commission has finally announced the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Mursi, as the winner of the heavily contested presidential elections with 51.73% of the casted votes. Jubilations could be heard all over Tahrir square and they shouted “down with military rule” too because […]

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Tunis extradites Ghadafi’s PM

The last Prime Minister to serve the late Mouammar Ghadafi, Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, has been extradited to his native country by Tunisia on Sunday after a push and pull between the two countries. Both countries have confirmed the extradition that many believe might tempt other countries hosting high level authorities of the Ghadafi regime to follow. […]

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Ankara seeks NATO consultation

Following the shooting down of its F-4 phantom aircraft by the Syrian air force on Friday, Ankara has now decided to refer to article 4 of the NATO’s founding Washington Treaty to call for consultations with NATO members which will be held in Brussels on Tuesday. The aircraft according to Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, […]

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Syria: Russia urged to stop military assistance

Fighting in Syria is still going on as both the government forces and the rebels continue to count casualties after the Kofi Annan Peace Plan failed to align both sides to a ceasefire agreement because of the continuous killings from both sides. The civilians are not spared from it. Russia has also been accused by […]

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