Putin launches Dabaa nuclear Plant construction in Egypt

Russian President signed Monday in Cairo with his host al-Sisi an agreement launching the construction of the multi-billion Dabaa nuclear station, sponsored by Moscow. President Vladimir Putin arrived In Cairo from Syria where he ordered partial pullout of Russian forces Read more

KSA: Riyadh to start local uranium production to support nuclear program

Saudi Arabia announced Monday it will start extraction of its own uranium to supply its nuclear program with construction of two nuclear plants to be awarded end of next year. The move is in line with the kingdom’s plans to Read more

Teheran lodges complaints with Nuclear Pact watchdog over Washington’s violation

Tehran has called upon the nuclear pact implementation watchdog to address the violation of the historic 2015 nuclear deal by the US after Washington imposed fresh sanctions on Iran despite compliance with terms of the agreement, Speaker of the Iranian Read more

Iran: Tillerson to make announcement on Teheran’s compliance with nuclear deal

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to address the Congress on Iran’s compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, at the time President Trump admitted that Tehran showed consistency in the compliance, though remaining the major threat to US Read more