Morocco’s Non-participation at the UNGA’s vote reflects its principled position regarding the situation between Russia and Ukraine

Today, The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on the situation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The Kingdom of Morocco has decided not to participate in the vote on this resolution, says a statement from the Ministry of Read more

Washington Tells Israel Settlements Unhelpful to Peace Agreement

President Donald Trump has sent his first message to Israel after it announced plans to establish a new settlement of 2000 homes in the West Bank saying the plan is unhelpful. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that Read more

Mideast: UN Draft Report Calls for Reviving Israeli-Palestinian Direct Negotiations

A 10-page draft report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict pointed out that both parties should “find the strength” to revive direct negotiations because the current situation is unfavorable to peace. Israel’s policy in the occupied territories “severely undermines hopes for peace” Read more

Peace to return to Syria when West and Middle East allies stop backing terrorists, Assad

Peace will return to Syria only when the West and its Middle East allies stop supporting the terrorists battling the Syrian regime. The statement was made by the controversial Syrian leader Bashar Assad in an interview aired Tuesday by the Read more