Syria: Moscow joins Assad regime, Iran in holding Israel responsible for death of 14 people at air base

Syria, Russia, and Iran have blamed Israel for conducting air strikes on a Syrian air base in an act that reportedly killed 14 people including 4 Iranians and operatives of Lebanon-based Shia movement Hezbollah. Syria backtracked Monday after it accused Read more

Lebanon’s Hezbollah promises next conflict with Israel will take place inside Israeli territory

Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Shiite movement Hezbollah Thursday indicated any future fight with Israel will take place in the Israel territory as both enemies renew animosity. Speaking to movement members in a televised speech, the Shiite leader indicated that Read more

Russia Strikes IS Stronghold in Syria Killing Dozens

Russian authorities have confirmed that six Tupolev warplanes bombarded targets near Raqqa, destroying weapons storage facility, a chemical weapons factory and a training camp used by the IS. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the airstrikes caused “significant material damages” Read more

Syrian envoy seeks warring parties and allies assurances before talks

19days before Syrian opposition groups meet with Damascus to discuss the 5year old war, U.N envoy Staffan de Mistura in a meeting with opposition officials was informed that the government should lift blockades imposed on rebel-held areas, release detainees and Read more

Peace to return to Syria when West and Middle East allies stop backing terrorists, Assad

Peace will return to Syria only when the West and its Middle East allies stop supporting the terrorists battling the Syrian regime. The statement was made by the controversial Syrian leader Bashar Assad in an interview aired Tuesday by the Read more