Sahara: Moroccan Armed Forces Foil Algeria-Sponsored Provocation by Polisario Militias

Moroccan Royal Armed Forces have thwarted an incursion on the Moroccan territory by a group of the Polisario militias, aided by some Algerian soldiers, reports say. The Polisario militias, assisted by six Algerian soldiers among whom a top officer, were Read more

King Mohammed VI: Terrorists, who act in the name of Islam, are not Muslims

King Mohammed VI of Morocco condemned Saturday all forms of terrorism and those who kill innocent people in the name of Islam, saying the Islamic religion does not permit the slaying of innocent people or any kind of suicide for Read more

Egypt: Six Terrorists Killed in North Sinai

The Egyptian army announced Tuesday that it killed six terrorists in the north of the restive Sinai province where the army is at loggerheads with IS-affiliated militants. The army also destroyed 56 underground hideouts in different locations, namely south of Read more

Iraq: Concrete Barriers, Trenches Built around Baghdad to Deter Attacks

The Iraqi government is building concrete barriers around northern and northwestern Baghdad alongside trenches as part of a security measure against attacks from militant groups. According to spokesman of the Iraqi Interior ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan, the barriers will Read more

Libya: Rome meeting supports ceasefire and Unity government

Ministers and government officials of 18 countries together with the representatives of the U.N, E.U and the Arab League met in Rome to discuss Libya urging for the establishment of a transitional unity government to end the war as well Read more

Peace to return to Syria when West and Middle East allies stop backing terrorists, Assad

Peace will return to Syria only when the West and its Middle East allies stop supporting the terrorists battling the Syrian regime. The statement was made by the controversial Syrian leader Bashar Assad in an interview aired Tuesday by the Read more