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Iraq takes over Central Ramadi, ISIS moves to eastern part

The Iraqi forces have recorded their first major success against the Islamic State since the war started as they push its militants out of central Ramadi. The advance is being hailed as a giant step in the march towards Mosul as Ramadi was the biggest victory of the extremist group in 2015 after Iraqi forces […]

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Lebanon: “No doubt” Hezbollah will retaliate, SG Nasrallah

A week after Hezbollah’s commander Samir Kuntar was killed in airstrike in Syria, Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah issued a warning in a televised message during the weekend assuring Israel that “the response for the assassination of al-Kuntar is coming, there’s no doubt.” The Lebanese-based group holds the Jewish State responsible for the attack but it […]

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Israel: Tel Aviv to pressure Brazil to accept appointed ambassador

The Israeli government is working on increasing pressure on Brazil to accredit the appointment of Dani Dayan as its new ambassador four months after Prime Minister Netanyahu announced it. Brazil seems to be unwilling to welcome Dayan who is a settler in Beit El, occupied West Bank, and also a former head of the Jewish […]

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MASEN Spearheads Morocco’s Renewable Energy Projects

Morocco, which will host the next UN conference on climate changes (COP22), is giving more visibility to foreign investors regarding the North African country’s ambitious plans set out in renewable energies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases et boost green economy. In a bid to streamline management of this sector, King Mohammed VI has entrusted […]

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Lebanon: Garbage solution reached, political tensions remain

The Lebanese government has awarded an 18 month contract to two companies to export the country’s waste by sea and operations are expected to begin as soon as the companies complete their financial obligations. The move is not welcomed by all the members of the cabinet and some have questioned its cost with the Agriculture […]

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Iraq: Bahrain scolds Iraq over Qataris and Kuwaiti abduction

Bahrain has called for the immediate release of the Qataris who were abducted in the Iraqi desert of Samawa in Al-Muthanna province last week while on a hunting expedition and urged Baghdad to do all that it can to free them unharmed because the current situation could affect ties with Gulf countries. 26 Qataris including […]

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Tunisia: Secretary General of Nidae Touness resigns, predicts party’s “clinical death”

Barely a year after winning the parliamentary elections, Nidae Tounes’s political power has been shaken with the departure of one of its founding members Mohsen Marzouk together with 31 members of parliament. Efforts to end the internal political dispute proved futile and Marzouk who was serving as the secretary general of the party said it […]

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Libya: NOC warns oil dealers of Tobruk-created oil company

After reports in the beginning of the week that the national oil corporation created by the Tobruk-based government had signed an agreement with Egyptian General Petroleum Company (EGPC) for the supply of 2 million barrels of crude oil, the longtime National Oil Corporation (NOC) has threatened legal actions against any party that deals with Libyan […]

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U.N special envoy to Yemen hopeful after progressive talks

According to U.N Special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the recently ended talks between the Hadi government and the Houthis was a “big progress but it’s not enough” as fighting continue on the ground. The talks were held on the sidelines of a ceasefire but the special envoy admitted that its violations during the talks […]

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Israel and Hezbollah on the edge after Qantar’s death

The news of Hezbollah commander Samir Qantar being killed in an airstrike in Syria led to a brief exchange of rocket fire between unidentified militants in Lebanon and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). No country has claimed responsibility but Hezbollah is accusing the Jewish State of being behind the attack while Syria’s information minister Omran […]

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