Israel Braces Itself for More Palestinian Attacks

Following the increase of Palestinian attacks targeting Israeli civilians and soldiers over the past few days, Prime Minister Netanyahu held a meeting with top security officials and urged them to tighten security measures. In a statement released by his office, Read more

Israel: Netanyahu Struggles to Ease Concerns over Resignation of Defense Minister

The Israeli Prime Minister who is under fire over the resignation of Defense Minister tried to ease concerns saying he was in control of the country’s security and military plans. Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon Friday announced he was quitting Read more

Palestine: After a Week of Shelling, Fragile Calm with Israel Prevails

Calm has returned to the Gaza Strip after Israel’s air force bombarded the area for three consecutive days, from Wednesday to Friday. The shelling started after Hamas was accused of launching mortars onto Jewish territory “against forces during operational defensive Read more

Lebanon: “No doubt” Hezbollah will retaliate, SG Nasrallah

A week after Hezbollah’s commander Samir Kuntar was killed in airstrike in Syria, Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah issued a warning in a televised message during the weekend assuring Israel that “the response for the assassination of al-Kuntar is coming, there’s Read more

Israel and Hezbollah on the edge after Qantar’s death

The news of Hezbollah commander Samir Qantar being killed in an airstrike in Syria led to a brief exchange of rocket fire between unidentified militants in Lebanon and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). No country has claimed responsibility but Hezbollah Read more

Israel: IDF veteran joins IS, intelligence source

Israeli Arab intelligence agency, Shin Bet indicated Sunday that one Israeli soldier from Arab origin has joined the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. “It is the first time that a soldier in the Israeli army has joined the Islamic State,” Read more

Israel: IDF wants to arm Palestinian Authority forces

Israel Defense Force (IDF) recommended the arming and strengthening of the forces of the Palestinian Authority (PA) among others to the Jewish State’s political authorities but the government is not expected to approve the recommendation. Some authorities believe that arming Read more