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Iraq: Government gives 72 hours notice before ISIS assault in Ramadi

Residents of Ramadi have been informed by the Iraqi forces to leave the city by Tuesday ahead of a probable major assault on the militants of the Islamic State group that has been controlling some parts of the city since May. Military aircrafts dropped leaflets on Sunday urging the civilians to leave within 72 hours […]

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Libya: Tobruk’s new company gets first known oil deal

A spokesman of the oil company newly established by the Tobruk-based government to oversee oil dealings in areas under its control stated that an agreement has been reached with Egypt for the supply of 2 million barrels of crude oil. Libya’s oil is generally controlled by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) which has its headquarters […]

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World Leaders Hail Libyan Agreement Sealed in Morocco

The UN-brokered peace deal inked Thursday in Morocco by representatives of Libyan warring factions has put the North African nation in the spotlight, commending its role as peace facilitator. “We would like to express our gratitude to the Kingdom of Morocco for its efforts to advance the UN talks”, said U.S. State Department spokesman John […]

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Turkey and Russia extend diplomatic row to sea

The diplomatic row between Moscow and Ankara which began with the downing of a Russian warplane last month for allegedly entering Turkish airspace from Syria is slowly integrating maritime transportation into it. Sources familiar with the dossier hinted that Turkey began implementing the “reciprocity principle” lately following the detention of its flagged ship by Russia […]

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Qatar: Members of Qatari royal family abducted in Iraq, sources

At least 26 people were ceased as hostages when unidentified gunmen attacked their camp with dozens of trucks and other vehicles on Wednesday afternoon in the Iraqi province of Muthanna. A statement from the Qatar’s foreign ministry stated that the abducted persons are Qatari citizens who were on a hunting trip to southern Iraq with […]

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Libya: Skhirat awaits Libya political agreement signing today

The long awaited political agreement between Libya’s two rival governments is expected to be signed on Thursday in the Moroccan coastal city of Skhirat, a day after the presidents of the two parliaments met for the first time. The meeting held in Malta between Presidents Nouri Abusahmain of the General National Congress (GNC) in Tripoli […]

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Egypt to get $8 billion from Saudi Arabia in 5 years

A day after King Salman of Saudi Arabia pledged that investments of the oil rich Kingdom in Egypt including aid to reach at least $8 billion within the next five years, the deputy crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman met with several Egyptian authorities in Cairo as part of a working visit to strengthen ties between […]

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In Amenas Attack: Algerian Army Killed Hostages (Japanese Daily)

Japanese newspaper “Nikkan-Gendai” has published shocking revelations on the 2013 In Amenas terrorist attack in Algeria, accusing Algerian forces of shooting hostages, while government reports had said the hostages were killed by terrorists in revenge operation. The In Amenas gas plant in Algeria was operated by BP as part of a joint venture with the […]

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Palestine: Abbas Cabinet reshuffle unrecognized by Hamas

President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority presided over the swearing-in ceremony of three new ministers but the move was not welcomed by Hamas as one of its leaders accuse Abbas of sidelining national consensus in such matters and also forgoing reconciliatory efforts to form a unity government. The cabinet reshuffle ended Ziad Abu Amr’s […]

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Syria: U.S and Russia agree on Syria

After five years of war in Syria, it seems like Washington and Moscow are narrowing their differences as they eye a possible ceasefire to pave the way for a political transition. President Putin of Russia together with his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov held a meeting with U.S Secretary of State John Kerry in Moscow and […]

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