Morocco: American intelligence services tip off Moroccan counterpart on IS militants’ incursion

Moroccan intelligence services have received information from their American counterparts of a movement of some Islamic State group (IS) militants disguised as merchants fleeing Libya in direction to the North African country, reports say. The report stems from the Arabic Read more

Iran Foils Takfiri Bomb Plots in Several Cities

Iran announced that it had foiled bomb attacksin Tehran and several other cities and that the attacks were planned by members of the Islamic State group. “A series of bombings had been planned in several places of the country in Read more

Bahrain Labels 68 Organization as Terrorist Entities

Bahrain on Monday classified 68 organizations operating within the region and beyond as terrorist groups. The move is part of the country’s efforts to fight ideological and religious extremism and its support to international efforts geared towards assuring global peace Read more

Iraq: US base in Iraq, Deemed an Occupation Force by Militia Group

The US has admitted to having established a base in Iraq after the site came under attack for the second time on Monday by militants of the Islamic State group. The first attack took place three days earlier. Iran-backed Asaib Read more

Syria: Delegates Still Disagree in Geneva after 5years of War

The Syrian war clocked five years this week and peaceful efforts to end it are going at a snail’s pace in the latest round of peace talks in Geneva. Negotiations are still being held indirectly and both sides still have Read more