Bahrain Labels 68 Organization as Terrorist Entities

Bahrain on Monday classified 68 organizations operating within the region and beyond as terrorist groups. The move is part of the country’s efforts to fight ideological and religious extremism and its support to international efforts geared towards assuring global peace Read more

Boko Haram killed 3,500 civilians in 2015, AI

Boko Haram has killed 3,500 civilians in Nigeria and bordering countries this year even as a regional offensive has driven the Islamist militants from large tracts of territory, the London-based human rights group, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. According to Read more

Syria: France to expand its role in the coalition, President Hollande

France has announced that it will be carrying out airstrikes in Syria a week after its foreign minister Laurent Fabius stated that the military was carrying out surveillance flights over the country for possible strikes on the militants of the Read more

The Moroccan King’s Flat “No” to Outgoing Nigerian President

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has flatly rejected a request made lately by the Nigerian presidency expressing the wish of the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan to talk to him over the phone. According to a statement released by the Moroccan Foreign Read more