Malaysia: Saudi influence waning, anti-terrorism center shut down

The Malaysian government has closed down the Saudi-funded anti-terrorism center, in a new move underlining the new government’s intents to move away from claws of the Middle East major power. Mohammed Sabu, Malaysia’s minister of Defence, Monday announced the closure Read more

Morocco Taking Part in North Thunder Drills

Morocco is taking part in the North Thunder joint military drills started on Monday in Hafer al-Batin in northeastern Saudi Arabia, along some 20 Arab and Islamic countries, notably Egypt, Jordan, Gulf Cooperation Council Members, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sudan, and Yemen. Read more

In Amenas Attack: Algerian Army Killed Hostages (Japanese Daily)

Japanese newspaper “Nikkan-Gendai” has published shocking revelations on the 2013 In Amenas terrorist attack in Algeria, accusing Algerian forces of shooting hostages, while government reports had said the hostages were killed by terrorists in revenge operation. The In Amenas gas Read more

Iran: Teheran appoints first female head of diplomatic mission since Islamic Revolution

Iran Sunday broke 40 years of man-led foreign policy monopoly as Foreign minister announced appointment of foreign ministry spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham, as Iran’s ambassador to Malaysia. Announcing the appointment at a ceremony, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said “Choosing Afkham Read more