Lebanon: FPM Warned against Street Protests to Push Agenda

MP Fouad al-Saad, member of the Parliamentary Democratic Gathering bloc, has called on the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) bloc to forgo their planned street rallies on 28 September and 7 October to pressure political parties to respect the National Pact Read more

Lebanon: Cabinet’s Frustration Increasing as Presidency Vacuum Continues

Member of Parliament Ammar Houry rung alarming bells that a cabinet row fueled by the Free Patriotic Movement’s “criminal” political activities could lead to another civil war because the party’s action in “defending Christian rights doesn’t happen this way.” Sources Read more

Lebanon: Saad Hariri Breaks Silence, Urges Parliament to Elect President

Saad Hariri, a Lebanese politician close to Saudi Arabia who has been on a self-imposed exile since the toppling of his cabinet in 2011, returned to his native country to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the assassination of his father; Read more

Lebanon: Garbage solution reached, political tensions remain

The Lebanese government has awarded an 18 month contract to two companies to export the country’s waste by sea and operations are expected to begin as soon as the companies complete their financial obligations. The move is not welcomed by Read more