Lebanon: Cabinet’s Frustration Increasing as Presidency Vacuum Continues

Member of Parliament Ammar Houry rung alarming bells that a cabinet row fueled by the Free Patriotic Movement’s “criminal” political activities could lead to another civil war because the party’s action in “defending Christian rights doesn’t happen this way.” Sources Read more

Syria: AI Accuses Armed Syrian Rebel Groups of war crimes

A report published by Amnesty International alleged that armed Syrian rebel groups fighting against the Assad regime have “committed serious violations of international humanitarian law, including abductions, torture and summary killings” on children, Christians, Kurds, peaceful human rights activists and Read more

Marrakech Declaration Upholds Rights of Religious Minorities

Religious leaders from around the world, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, as well as prominent scholars and decisions-makers have called for tolerance and for the protection of religious minorities’ rights in Muslim countries. In a historical Declaration issued at the Read more

Lebanon: Expectations lowered by Aoun’s bloc ahead of vote

The current momentum to elect Lebanon’s next president, after 18 months of delay and more than 30 unsuccessful attempts, will be decided upon on December 16th when the parliament convenes again to elect a president. The proposal by Saad al-Hariri Read more