Egypt: Hasm Group Claims Responsibility for Friday Bombing

An Egyptian terrorist group known as Hasm (Determination) has claimed responsibility for the car bomb attack in Giza governorate’s Haram district which killed six police agents. The car bomb blast occurred early on Friday near a police check-point, near Al-Salam Read more

Egypt Floats Currency by 48% as Crisis Worsens

The Egyptian Central Bank dropped the Egyptian Pound’s (EGP) value by 48% and raised interest rates by 300 basis points for “one night only” as part of its efforts to re-balance the currency market. The decision has already yielded some Read more

Egypt wants OIC Secretary General Corrected for Insulting, Mocking Sisi

The Egyptian government and parliament voiced their anger at the remarks made last week by Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Iyad Madani who addressed Tunisian President as Beji Caid ‘al-Sisi’ instead of ‘Essebsi’ during a conference Read more

Cairo Discusses Anti-Terrorism Cooperation with Assad’s Top Intelligence Aid

Egypt discreetly discussed counter-terrorism cooperation in the region with an official Syrian delegation led by embattled Bashar al-Assad’s chief of intelligence, reports say. The meeting judged double-edged sword for Cairo has almost gone unreported by pro-government media for fear not Read more