Egypt: ‘President Trump requested U.S. charity worker’s release’ US diplomat

A U.S. diplomat in Washington has revealed to London-based Qatari “The New Arab” that President Donald Trump has intervened in the release of US charity worker Aya Hijazi arrested nearly three years ago in Egypt for child abuse and human Read more

Cairo Discusses Anti-Terrorism Cooperation with Assad’s Top Intelligence Aid

Egypt discreetly discussed counter-terrorism cooperation in the region with an official Syrian delegation led by embattled Bashar al-Assad’s chief of intelligence, reports say. The meeting judged double-edged sword for Cairo has almost gone unreported by pro-government media for fear not Read more

Egypt Willing to Grant Asylum to Erdogan’s arch-foe, Gulen

Egyptian lawmakers Monday urged Cairo to grant political asylum to US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen accused of plotting the failed military coup against Turkish President Erdogan, in a move that would further strain relations between the two countries, reports say. Read more

Riyadh Mending Fences between Turkey & Egypt

Riyadh is endeavoring to improve ties between Ankara and Cairo after three years of diplomatic hold-up due following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi in 2013. “Saudi Arabia has put forward a number of suggestions on how to resolve the differences Read more