Saudi Crown Prince kick-starts regional tour in Egypt

Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman arrived Monday in Egypt as part of a regional tour that will take him to Jordan and Turkey.
President Fattah al-Sisi welcomed the de facto leader of the Gulf country at the airport. The Saudi Crown, according to Arab News, is travelling under the instruction of his father King Salman.
After Egypt, the Saudi leader will travel to Jordan and Turkey to hold talks with leaders of the two countries.
Relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been strong, with special significance for the Arab world. The two nations have historically regarded one another as important allies to the region, a policy that goes back to May 7, 1936, when Egypt officially recognized the Saudi state.
Last week, al Sisi thanked the kingdom and the UAE for their conditional support to the Egyptian sluggish economy after the two countries made significant investments in the North African country.
“Saudi Arabia and the UAE have moved together to support Egypt without a request from Cairo,” he said. “This is an opportunity to thank them.”
He also reportedly called on the Arab countries who made deposits in Egypt’s central bank to convert them into investments. “We welcome our brothers to make investments in Egypt, and we are ready to provide them with all the support needed,” the Egyptian leader added.

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