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Tunisia: Politicians demand more after 3rd terror attack

Tunisia’s reaction to the third major ISIS-claimed attack in the country has been criticized by some politicians demanding the government to double efforts in fighting terrorism. An attack on the bus of the presidential guards by a Tunisian suicide bomber left 12 guards dead. Speaking to the parliament, Prime Minister Habib Essid said evidence collected […]

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Yemen: Government ready for talks, resistance fighters to integrate military

The Vice-president and Prime Minister of the Hadi-led government, Khaled Bahah, said they are ready to engage in “serious talks” with the Houthi Movement to end the war but it seems as if plans to boost the ranks of the government forces will be sped up during the talks as President Hadi called for the […]

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Qatar: Rain triggers concern of flawed projects, inquiry ordered

An overnight rainfall in Qatar brought daily activities to a halt, unveiling flawed projects and prompting Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani, angered by the extent of the flooding, to order an inquiry into the conformity of the projects specifications. Qatar Meteorology Department sated that the amount of rainfall received on Wednesday […]

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Israel: IDF wants to arm Palestinian Authority forces

Israel Defense Force (IDF) recommended the arming and strengthening of the forces of the Palestinian Authority (PA) among others to the Jewish State’s political authorities but the government is not expected to approve the recommendation. Some authorities believe that arming a Palestinian group will be harmful to Israel because the weapons will be used against […]

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Iraq: ISIS dodges coalition airstrikes with underground tunnels

The fall of Sinjar to the Iraqi Kurdish fighters known as Peshmerga after more than a year of battle with the militants of the Islamic State that took control of it since August 2014 has revealed that the extremist group has been able to resist the airstrikes of the U.S. led coalition thanks to a […]

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Morocco Condemns Tunis IS-claimed Terror Attack

Morocco has strongly condemned the ISIS-claimed terrorist attack that rocked the Tunisian capital, claiming the lives of 13 people. Following the despicable terrorist attack that targeted Tuesday a bus of the presidential guard in Tunis, King Mohammed VI renewed, in a phone conversation with President Beji Caid Essebsi, his “condemnation of this criminal act which […]

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Turkey-Russia: Tension Escalates

The international community and the U.N are calling for de-escalation of tensions after Turkey downed a Russian jet with both sides providing different stories. Ankara claimed that a Russian Su-24 Fencer bomber violated its airspace and ignored 10 warnings within a space of 5 minutes while Moscow argues that the Turkish F-16 bombed its aircraft […]

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UK: ‘Intervening in Iraq was a mistake but rise of IS calls us in Syria’, William Hague

Former British Foreign Secretary William Hague Tuesday admitted UK’s intervention in Iraq was a mistake but said that the ascension of IS demands military presence in Syria to eliminate the group to guarantee peace around the world, heed the calls of innocent people and prevent another Rwanda. He also proposed the partition of Syria and […]

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Tunisia: State of emergency declared following terrorist attack

Tunisian President declared Tuesday state of emergency across the country following a terrorist attack on a van carrying a presidential guard unit.  The attack occurred late in the afternoon on Mohammed V Avenue thoroughfare, not far from the ministry of the interior killing at least 12 and injuring 20 members of the presidential unit. It […]

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After Paris, Brussels Seeks Morocco’s Help in Terror Control

After the precious help provided by Moroccan intelligence services that enabled French police locate mastermind of Paris attacks, Belgian officials have asked Morocco for help to track a key suspect in connection with the Paris terror massacre. It is King Philippe of Belgium who has requested Moroccan assistance in a telephone conversation with Morocco’s King […]

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