Libya: GNA for Unified Military Assault on IS

The Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Presidency Council (PC) have called on military groups in Libya to halt any planned actions on the Islamic State (IS) in Sirte until a unified front is formed. The PC describing itself Read more

Al-Qeada Seizes Third Town in Yemen

A group affiliated to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) took over the town of Azzan from southern separatists and is trying to impose its authority, setting up checkpoints at the town’s entrances. A source said the city council was Read more

Yemen: Suicide bomber rocks checkpoint near presidential palace

A suicide car bomb attack exploded Thursday at a checkpoint less than a kilometer from the presidential palace in Aden, killing at least eight people and injuring 15. President Hadi and Prime Minister Khalid Bahah were in the palace at Read more

Iraq: ISIS attacks seek to disunite Iraqis

Sectarian violence could increase in Iraq after an attack by the Islamic State targeting Shias provoked revenge attacks against Sunni mosques. At the height of Iraq’s civil war, which began nearly a decade ago with the ousting of Saddam Hussein, Read more

Libya antiquities in danger, International Council of Museums warns

After destroying antiquities in their controlled areas in Iraq and Syria, there are fears that militants of the Islamic State group in Libya would embark on a similar campaign according to a statement released by the International Council of Museums Read more

Iraq: U.S. specialized troops to target ISIS leaders

U.S will be sending at least 100 troops to Iraq as part of a specialized expeditionary force targeting ISIS leaders but the move is not welcomed by authorities in Baghdad. Sources hinted that the number of troops could be around Read more