Yemen: Suicide bomber rocks checkpoint near presidential palace

A suicide car bomb attack exploded Thursday at a checkpoint less than a kilometer from the presidential palace in Aden, killing at least eight people and injuring 15. President Hadi and Prime Minister Khalid Bahah were in the palace at Read more

Yemeni government returns to Aden after 4 months in Riyadh

Prime Minister Khalid Bahah returned to Aden on Monday after leaving the city for Riyadh in October following an attack on the Al Qasr hotel, the base of the Hadi-led government and coalition forces, by the Islamic State group. The Read more

Yemen: Government presents plan in first meeting with Aden officials

The exiled Yemeni government returned to Aden, as the country’s temporary capital, on Wednesday and held its first meeting on Thursday with representatives from Aden’s utility offices and local security officials. Prime Minister Khalid Bahah chaired the meeting and outlined Read more