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Iranian OIC Delegation Barred from Entering KSA, Iranian Official

The fury between Iran and Saudi Arabia took a new dimension on Sunday as Tehran protested against Riyadh’s refusal to issue visas to a delegation that was to attend a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah. The Director General for Political and International Security Affairs at the Iranian foreign ministry, Hamid […]

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Oil Prices Unsustainable, Unacceptable, Buhari

Nigeria’ Muhammadu Buhari called for cooperation between oil producing countries, both OPEC and non-OPEC members, to stabilize the prices of oil in the global market. In a statement released by the Nigerian presidency Sunday, after a meeting between President Buhari who was on a visit to Qatar and his host Shiekh Tamim in Doha, the […]

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Egypt: MP’s Meeting with Israeli Ambassador Irks Parliament

The Egyptian parliament frowned at one of its members, Tawfik Okasha, for hosting Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Haim Koren at his home last Thursday. Some members of parliament called for sanctions against Okasha and also condemned him for inviting the Israeli ambassador to visit the parliament. Okasha and Koren held their meeting amidst claims that […]

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Syria: War for All, Peace for None

The ceasefire agreement in Syria that was negotiated between the US and Russia came into effect on Saturday and there are reports that it has been violated at least nine times by the different warring groups active in the country although some have refuted the allegations. Damascus, Russia, rebel groups and Turkey are reported to […]

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Lebanon: Hezbollah slams Saudi claiming influence projection, authorities divided

Politicians in Lebanon are in disarray following the $3million military aid suspension to the Lebanese army by Riyadh that was followed few days after by travel warnings from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait to the country. The decision is believed to have been incited by Hezbollah’s actions in the country, non-condemnation by the Lebanese government […]

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Relations between Rabat & Brussels Souring

Moroccan Government, irked by a European court ruling annulling an agriculture trade deal, has decided to freeze all contacts with the European Union institutions. A spokesman for the Moroccan government said Thursday the Kingdom has no choice but to suspend contacts with EU institutions, rebuffing the European Court of Justice’s ruling on the EU-Morocco agriculture […]

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Iranians Head to Polls in Reformists versus Conservationists Elections

Almost 55million eligible Iranian voters are heading to the polls on Friday to elect 290 members of parliament and 88 clerics to the Assembly of Experts for 4 and 8year terms respectively. The election is deemed crucial because it is the first after the lifting of sanctions and would determine the policies of the post-sanction […]

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Hezbollah Fighting in Yemen, Hadi Government Alleges

Spokesman for the Hadi-led government Rajeh Badi claimed that the Lebanese politico-military group, Hezbollah, is actively taking part in the Yemeni war and holds it “directly responsible for prolonging the war and bringing devastation to Yemen and its people.” The group’s interference is not limited to moral support as claimed, the spokesman said, affirming that […]

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Oman to Issue International Bond despite Ratings Downgrade

A week after Oman’s credit ratings were downgraded by Standard and Poor’s from BBB+ to BBB-, sources have revealed that the government is preparing to issue a sovereign dollar bond but the Finance Ministry refused to confirm or deny the claims. Oman has been facing financial difficulties due to the low oil prices and its […]

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Turkey Bombards PKK Headquarters after Sabotage Allegations

Turkish air force on Wednesday shelled for almost two hours the Kandil Mountain believed to be the headquarters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK,) targeting logistical centers, ammunition depots and shelters. The assault took place on the same day that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) alleged in a statement posted on its website that the […]

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