Morocco Helps Africans Expelled by Algeria to Niger

Morocco has sent an emergency humanitarian assistance to hundreds of sub-Saharan African nationals deported by Algerian authorities to Niger in violation of international humanitarian laws and conventions. As soon as King Mohammed VI heard the news of the sufferings and Read more

Algeria’s Hostile Campaign against Morocco, a Dead Duck

Following the unfortunate death of a fish seller in the northern Moroccan city of al-Hoceima that sparked protests in Morocco, Algerian propaganda machine jumped in and desperately tried to over inflate the event describing it as a prelude to a Read more

Bombardier Plans to Set Up Railway Cluster in Morocco

Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier has unveiled a plan to set up a railway cluster in Morocco to serve as an industrial platform to provide services to African countries. The goal of Bombardier Transportation cluster to be established in Read more

King Mohammed VI Gives New Momentum To Morocco’s Investment Plan

King Mohammed VI has launched a new investment plan boosting the role of the private sector and setting up the necessary conditions to spur sustainable economic growth in the North African Kingdom. The new plan, which freshens up Morocco’s national Read more

Relations between Rabat & Brussels Souring

Moroccan Government, irked by a European court ruling annulling an agriculture trade deal, has decided to freeze all contacts with the European Union institutions. A spokesman for the Moroccan government said Thursday the Kingdom has no choice but to suspend Read more