Yemen: Ansar Allah signs agreement with Saleh’s party creating supreme political council

The Yemeni peace talks in Kuwait have hit rock-bottom after the Houthi Movement’s political wing, Ansar Allah, and General People’s Congress (GPC), of former president Abdellah Saleh, reached an agreement to form a 10-man supreme political council that would “mange Read more

Kuwait Gives Negotiators 15-Day Deadline for a Yemeni Peace Deal

The Kuwaiti government has given the participants in the ongoing Yemeni talks a 15-day deadline to reach a peace deal. Kuwaiti assistant foreign minister Khaled al-Jarallah said Kuwait has “from the very beginning” agreed with the concerned parties to “conduct Read more

Yemen: Hadi Threatens to Boycott UN Peace Talks, Promises Victory to Loyal Forces

President Hadi of Yemen made a surprise visit to the governorate of Marid, South of Sana’a, ahead of an operation to liberate the capital and other provinces. He vowed that celebrations will “soon” begin as he promised flying Yemen’s flag Read more