Arab states lose more than $600 billion in 4 years due to Arab Spring

A self immolation in Tunisia in December 2010 which gave birth to protest against the Ben Ali regime and eventually led to its downfall before crossing borders into other countries in North Africa and the Middle East has immensely contributed Read more

King Mohammed VI Starts Visit to Tanzania, 2nd leg of African Tour

After his successful visit to Rwanda, King Mohammed VI started Sunday an official visit to Tanzania, 2nd leg of an African tour that will lead the Sovereign also to Ethiopia. This important trip to Eastern Africa aims to give a Read more

Libya: Ndrangheta, Camorra Mafia Groups Collaborating with ISIS

Reports have emerged that one of the thriving ventures fueling the activities of extremist groups are the sale and exchange of historic artifacts and antiquities for weapons with mafia groups such as the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta and the Neapolitan Camorra according Read more

UK MPs Decry ‘Intelligence Failure’ Permeating NATO’s Intervention in Libya

A report by the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee on the origins, policies, and aftermath of NATO’s military intervention in Libya in 2011 severely indicted former Prime Minister David Cameron as well as his foreign secretary, William Hague, and Read more

Syria: Prime Minister Khamis lays out government plans at parliament

Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis presented before the Parliament the Government’s statement and work program saying “the government seeks to overcome the obstacles that are hindering the reconstruction process in its political, economic, social and cultural dimensions” amid the ongoing Read more

IMF Nods to KSA’s Vision 2030, Awaits Supporting Policies

The International Monetary Fund has applauded Saudi Arabia’s economic reform program under Vision 2030 as being “an appropriately bold and far-reaching transformation of the Saudi Arabian economy.” IMF said ensuring the success of the long-delayed reforms announced last month will Read more

Moody Downgrades KSA, Warns of Increasing Debt in Future

Over the weekend, credit rating company Moody’s downgraded Saudi Arabia by a notch from Aa3 to A1 citing that “a combination of lower growth, higher debt levels and smaller domestic and external buffers leave the Kingdom less well positioned to Read more

IMF Nods to Bahrain’s Reform Efforts

35The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed the economic and financial reforms undertaken by Bahrain to battle fiscal and external imbalances. The Executive Directors of the IMF signaled that the low global oil prices have “adversely affected” the country’s economy Read more