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Turkey’s fight against Kurds and IS heats up

NATO has expressed full political support to Tukey regarding its airstrikes against militants of the Islamic State after an emergency meeting which lasted for less than 2hours. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that “we all stand united in condemning terrorism, in solidarity with Turkey” but an official said several members want“a proportionate use of military force” in the […]

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Kuwait tells KSA to abide by 1965 agreement

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Ali al-Omair has requested his Saudi peer Ali al-Naimi to resume work at the offshore Khafji oilfield after production was stopped in October 2014. In a letter addressed to Niami, the Kuwaiti minister pointed out that Riyadh’s unilateral decision to stop production at the more than 300,000 barrels per day oilfield due […]

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Turkish bombardment assaults sovereignty, increases tension, Baghdad

Baghdad is not pleased with the bombings carried out by Turkey fighter jets on its territory and wants an end to it for the sake of neighborliness and out of respect of its sovereignty. In a statement released at the end of a meeting on Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of Ministers said it considers “the Turkish […]

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BeIN wins IOC Broadcast Rights tender for 2018-2024 Olympic Games

Qatar-owned beIN group won the International Olympic Committee tender for Olympic Games between 2018 and 2024 and its sport channel beIN Sports will broadcast the events in the Middle East and North Africa. The announcement was made Monday by the IOC President.  The group won the award after it bided more than $150 million. The […]

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KSA: Iran does not desire “good neighborly relations,” Jubeir

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir pointed out that Tehran is still showing“hostility” towards regional countries and that Iran’s actions do not show any will to have good relations with its neighbors. “Iran’s actions do not reflect the desire of a state seeking neighborliness relations but rather that of a state which has aspirations in the […]

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UAE: Government cuts down spending, 4.0% growth predicted

The UAE Central Bank indicated Monday that the government will reduce its spending due to slash in oil prices on the international market and will adopt drastic measures to avoid an acute deficit but announced that the country’s economy would experience a relative growth of 4%. The UAE government is expected to cut down its […]

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Kuwaiti security measures restrict Saudi nationals’ entry into territory

After the June 26 suicide attack at Imam Sadiq Mosque which left 25 people dead and over 200 injured, Kuwait has tightened its security measures and an e-journal recently reported that such measures include a limited restriction over the entry of Saudi citizens. The measures are reported to be implemented at various entry points and […]

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Turkey wages war on IS, jeopardizes peace deal with PKK

The agreed peace between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) based in northern Iraq could have been jeopardized by the Turkish airstrikes which hit the group although the targets where described as “terrorist threats” by the authorities. Turkey and PKK sealed a ceasefire deal two years ago but the agreement seems to be relegated to the second […]

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Palestinians and Israeli forces clash at Al Aqsa Mosque

Clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli police took place on Sunday around and in the Al Aqsa mosque, and a media photographer reported that around 300 security personnel entered the mosque’s compound when the clashes began with about 200 Palestinians. Palestinian authorities condemned the act but Israel claimed that the protesters camped in the mosque […]

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Bahrain: Iran supplies arms and explosives to terror groups, Interior ministry

Bahrain has accused Iran of meddling into its domestic affairs and has recalled its ambassador for consultations on Saturday, explaining its decision by Iran’s hostile statements and interference in its internal affairs. The move came after the Bahraini interior ministry announced on Saturday that it had intercepted and arrested two Bahrainis on a vessel on […]

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