Iran warns US after renewal of nuclear-related sanctions

Following the the approval by the US congress for the extension of the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA) that would expire at the end of 2016 for another decade, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that his commitment to “preventing Iran Read more

Iran Unveils Long-Range Ballistic Missile with Cluster Warhead

The Iranian Armed Forces held a military parade on Wednesday to commemorate the Sacred Defense Week marking the beginning of their war with Iraq in 1980. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of Zolfaqar, a new long-range ballistic Read more

Israel Could Sign Nuclear Test Ban in 5 Years, CTBTO Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Lassina Zerbo is expecting Tel Aviv to ratify the treaty by 2021. Zerbo, who had met Prime Minister Netanyahu in June, said “I’m putting five years as the Read more

Iran: Zarif Defies Other States to Make Iran-Like Defense Commitments

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a series of tweets launched a ‘charity begins at home’ approach to defend Tehran’s missile program and last week’s test-firing of Qadr-H, Qadr-F and Qiam ballistic missiles. He said countries that question Iran’s Read more

Iran sends enriched uranium to Russia under nuclear agreement

Iran manifested its commitment to respecting the nuclear agreement that it signed with the so-called P5+1 on July 14 by shipping more than 11,300 kilograms of low enriched-uranium to Russia in exchange for some natural uranium. Moscow confirmed the shipping Read more