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Lebanon: Saudi Arabia in Yemen is Israel in Gaza

Hezbollah’s second in command, Deputy Chief Naim Qassem has compared Saudi Arabia to Israel as he slammed the U.N arms embargo on the Houthi Movement as a one sided decision that doesn’t support a political solution. Hezbollah is against the Saudi-led military operations in Yemen although the critics of the former say that it is […]

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Iraq: ISIS gaining grounds on two fronts

Militants on the Islamic State have taken over three eastern villages on the outskirts of Ramadi prompting the population in nearby areas to flee. There is a military base west of Ramadi where Iraqi soldiers are being trained by hundreds of US troops. A U.S official said there are no withdrawal plans making it likely […]

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Yemen: U.N in limbo

As fighting escalates in Yemen with the possibility of ground operations looming nearer, a spokesman for UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced on Wednesday that special envoy Jamal Benomar “expressed an interest in moving on to another assignment.” Reasons for his decision have not been made public but reports have cited Western diplomats saying that Saudi […]

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Saudi Arabian airlines to buy more than 100 aircrafts

The board of the Saudi Arabian Airlines has decided to increase the operations of the company under its five year plan from 2015-2020 by purchasing more than 100 new aircrafts. The airline is Saudi’s national flag carrier and director general Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser said the plan is meant to strengthen operational efficiency as part […]

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Lebanon: Hezbollah and Future Movement dialogue reduces tension

Hezbollah and the Future Movement have met to calm the tension between them due to their diverging views over the Yemeni conflict and the intervention of the Saudi-led military operation. Hezbollah has been criticizing Riyadh for its position in the conflict while Future Movement has been applauding it. The 10th dialogue session held on Tuesday […]

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Iran: Lifting S-300 system ban necessary due to regional tension

Russia has lifted the delivery ban on S-300 missile air defense systems to Iran and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the voluntary and unilateral ban imposed by Moscow was no longer necessary after being introduced by former President Dmitry Medvedev in 2010. The decision was welcomed by Tehran and Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said […]

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Palestine: Hamas discussing Gaza strip independence with Israel

President Mahmoud Abbas has accused Hamas of conniving with Israel as they secretly discuss what the Palestinian Authorities call “a project of state in temporary borders” within the Gaza Strip despite Palestinians vowing to agree only to a deal that includes the pre-1967 borders and Jerusalem as capital. Abbas hinted that the Palestinian National Administration will be […]

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IGI, Leading Reinsurance Company, Gets CFC Status

The International General Insurance Co. Ltd. or IGI, a world leading company in the reinsurance market, has been granted the Casablanca Finance City Status which allows it to use the Moroccan financial centre as a regional base for its activities in Africa. The newly opened office will create a foundation for IGI’s presence and focused […]

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Iraq : ISIS is defeated and cannot advance, Iraqi Major General

An Iraqi major general in the Salaheddin province has claimed that the Islamic State (I.S) has been defeated in the country after forces securing the Baiji oil refinery repelled an early morning attack. The battle with the militants was described by the major general as “the fiercest since we broke the siege a few months […]

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Yemen: Hadi names Vice president to facilitate talks

Yemeni President residing in Saudi Arabia has named former Prime Minister Khaled Bahah as Vice-president in a move that analysts believe is geared towards paving the way for a political solution of the crisis. A personal adviser to president Hadi revealed to Reuters that the presidential “order” was issued for his appointment “as part of […]

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