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KSA: Saudi pushes $109bn solar project to 2040

The agency responsible for Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy program which includes a $109billion solar power project has told a conference in Dubai that the project will be delayed by eight years after a review of the outlook. Riyadh wants to mastermind the knowhow of solar panels before investing such an amount of money. In 2011, […]

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Times are difficult, prices must go up, Omani Minister

Oman’s Oil Minister Mohammed Al-Rumhy has strongly criticized the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for maintaining their level of production despite the continuous fall of global oil prices. Oman is the largest Middle Eastern oil producer that’s not a member of OPEC. The organization decided in November to maintain its production capacity despite some of its […]

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Qatar is not financing terrorism, French FM

France has announced that allegations surrounding Qatar and its financial support to terrorist groups are false after thorough investigations by its intelligence services. Pressure increased on Qatar and the French government in the aftermath of the Paris attacks as opposition parties urged for a review of the diplomatic ties with the Gulf state. Qatar has […]

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Teheran & Moscow Seal Military Cooperation Deal

Iran and Russia have signed lately a military cooperation agreement to enhance further their counter-terrorism ties, exchanges of military personnel and coordination between the two countries navies. According to the Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu, the Kremlin wants to build a long-term and multifaceted military relationship with Teheran. His Iranian peer Hussein Dehghan called for […]

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Iraq: ISIS asks Japan $200million,U.N decries selective killings

U.N human rights office has accused the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) of exhibiting “monstrous disregard for human life” in Iraqi controlled areas. Spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani stated that the extremist group is carrying out selective killings among women after a report indicated that three female lawyers were executed within two weeks. She added […]

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Moroccan-Saudi High Level Consultations on Anti-Terror Struggle

Rabat and Riyadh seem more determined than ever to carry on their consultations on the fight against terrorism and to upgrade their cooperation in this fight through intelligence sharing. It is undoubtedly in this context that the chief of the Saudi intelligence Department, Prince Khaled Ben Bandar Ben Abdelaziz, visited Morocco on Monday carrying a […]

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Saudi Arabia Awards $ 314 Mln Contract to Spanish Company for Transportation Project

Spanish company Indra will provide Saudi Arabia contactless ticketing systems for a new public transportation project currently under construction in Riyadh. Under a $ 314 million deal sealed with the Saudi transportation authority, Indra will supply the Saudis with its high-tech ticketing and access control technology. The project includes the most advanced technology for pricing […]

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Bahrain: Salman accused of planning coup d’état

After more than three weeks in custody, Sheikh Ali Salman, head of the al-Wefaq movement, has been charged with “promoting the overthrow and change of the political regime by force.” Prosecutor Nayef Mahmud stated that the politician confessed to have “contacted regimes and political groups abroad with whom he discussed Bahraini internal affairs,” without the knowledge […]

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Nasrallah is not Lebanon’s Prime Minister

The Lebanese government has distanced itself from last week comments made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah as it stressed that only the Prime Minster can present international policies on behalf of the government. Nasrallah described the actions of authorities in Bahrain towards the opposition as “tyrannical and oppressive” thereby prompting a protest from officials in […]

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Israel: Come to Jerusalem not to ICC, President Rivlin

President Rivlin of Israel is discouraging Palestinians from taking their differences with the Jewish state to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because it is not the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Tel Aviv has already started lobbying for countries to stop funding the ICC because its existence can’t be justified. ICC announced on Friday that […]

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