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Israel: Netanyahu warns Iran on its nuclear program

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued another warning on Iran’s nuclear ambition, without ruling out a solo attack because they have a tighter flexibility than their ally, the U.S. He said that Iran has speeded up the process, but it will under no condition acquire a nuclear bomb. According to him, Tehran is getting “closer […]

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Despite International Crisis, Morocco Remains a Leading International Destination

The world financial crisis has hardly hit the tourism sector in many countries and the turmoil triggered by the Arab Spring has dealt a serious blow to the sector in states that heavily depend on its returns like Egypt and Tunisia. However, in this gloomy atmosphere, Morocco has remained a leading international destination in the […]

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Punjab favors Turk investment

Suhal Zulfiqar, Deputy Head of Mission at Turkey’s Pakistani Embassy, met with Punjab’s Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharifat, in Islamabad to discuss bilateral relations and subjects of mutual interest. Turkey and Pakistan share strong diplomatic relations and similar views in diverse issues at international level. The reunion was an opportunity used by Sharifat to applaud […]

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Morocco: Political crisis within the government

Five key ministers belonging to the Istiqlal party have resigned from the government led by the head of the Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) Abdelilah Benkirane. King Mohammed IV appointed Benkirane as Prime Minister, after his party emerged as the largest in the last 2011 legislative elections. These resignations are due to the disputes […]

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KSA retakes influential regional role from Qatar

Qatar is losing its position as a key regional player in the region to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after recent diplomatic policies started to backfire. The Gulf state has been instrumental in supporting the Islamist political parties after the Arab spring and the Syrian opposition, but new developments have shifted the balance in favor […]

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Oman and Italy strengthen trade and investment exchange

The fourth meeting of the Omani-Italian Joint Committee ended with the signing of two documents, with the ambitions of strengthening their bilateral relations in Muscat, Oman. Both parties urged their business community to take advantage of the cordial relationship to pursue their investment goals. A joint statement was signed between Sayyid Badr bin Hamad bin […]

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Israel prepares for cyber warfare

A year after admitting that it is engaged in defensive and offensive cyber-attack on its official blog, the Israeli military has revealed that it has a military base with a new unit solely dedicated to defending Israeli networks in its “Cyber War Room.” Israel considers the cyberspace as warfare of its own, which requires the […]

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Syria and the ongoing chemical warfare

The Syrian government claimed that it has discovered chemical weapons owned by the rebels. It has decided as part of its “openness” and “transparency” policies towards the United Nations to invite some of its officials to investigate the stock that it claims can “destroy a whole country.” Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bashar Ja’afari […]

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Yemen: South reignites independence demands in protests

Yemen could be on the verge of a secession after the 19th anniversary of the end of the civil war, which led to the unification of North and South Yemen, turned into a protest in southern Yemen with calls for an end to the “occupation” of the South. A national dialogue between political heads and […]

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Syria: Assad remains confident despite a worsening situation

President Bashar Assad has ruled out the victory of the rebels fighting against his government without “direct foreign intervention.” The defiant president said the intention of his detractors is to create a “failed state”, but that it will never be achieved, as “the Syrian people remain unbroken in every sense of the word.” Assad confidently […]

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