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Qatar: involved in Mali’s crisis?

The Tuareg rebellion had allowed Islamist groups in Mali take control of the north. Currently, a military intervention is being prepared by  ECOWAS to regain this territory. At the same time it is being suggested more and more that Qatar is taking advantage of the dual crisis that this part of the Sahel has to […]

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Yemen: the country’s healthcare situation

In Yemen, many of the citizens worry about the critical situation that the country’s healthcare service is in. It has been known that people that have a small income find it more and more difficult to have access to adequate care. To begin with, many say that medicines are very difficult to obtain especially the […]

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Iraq: Talabani’s health condition and uncertainty to the division

Iraq’s President Mr. Talabani runs an office which normally has largely ceremonial powers. However with the actual division that the country has to face he was having a role that made him be seen as a unifying figure that holds the power to mediate and allow a discussion between the different national leaders of the […]

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Yemen: Initiative for a cleaner country

A few days ago almost 200,000 Yemenis residing in Sana participated in a cleaning campaign called “Sharik 12/12”.  The general public had to share street cleaners’ task for a day in order to create awareness about the necessity of keeping their city clean. These streets that have been swept by residents have unfortunately already regained […]

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West Bank: Israel wants to annex the E1

Mr. Essawy, 65, used to be an eminent member of a clan who passed away just a few months ago.  He was buried on land owned by his family located between East Jerusalem and the large Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim. This area is known as E1 which is an absolute empty land of the […]

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Iraq: Army doctor guilty of malpractice.

A medical tribunal called the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) located in Manchester is a branch of the General Medical Council. This panel which is the doctors’ professional regulator has the power to suspend or strike off doctors. This week end, it delivered the verdict of a case that has been going on for the […]

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Avigdor Lieberman: Would he leave or not…?

Avigdor Lieberman, the actual foreign minister of Israel promised to the Knesset that if any indication was made against him he would resign without hesitation. ON Thursday after a long prosecution that was held against him he was charged of receiving confidential information about another investigation that was being made on him. With his lawyers […]

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Israel: Lieberman case, public trust and elections

A year ago, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein notified Israel’s powerful foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman that he wished to indict him on charges including fraud and money laundering. Some Prosecutors suspected that he received millions of dollars as a lawmaker and Cabinet minister.  However after a long investigation Weinstein announced on Thursday to drop the charges […]

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World cup 2022: climate control and the logistics

When Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup one of the commitments made to the FIFA federation was that the event will be held in summer where temperatures can reach 41C.  Hassan al-Thawadi, the secretary general of the Qatar 2022 supreme committee announced  that the fans that will come will go through  a […]

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KSA / Iraq: Opec, quotas and tension

After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraq was put outside OPEC’s quota system because it presented a low output. A year ago, OPEC set a 30 million bpd target for all 12 producers allowing Iraq to come back in the system. But this year, no individual quotas were assigned. This situation arranged Saudi Arabia that […]

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