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Qatar: Arab’s uprising supporter jails a poet for life

Muhammad Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami a Qatar citizen was sentenced to life incarceration for a poem entitled “Jasmine” that symbolizes the Tunisian revolt that was the fire starter of the Arab Spring. He praised in his verses the uprising that overthrew four dictators in such a short lapse of time with the money support that was […]

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Iraq: targeting Shia Muslims

Since the US’s withdrawal from the territory tensions between Shia, Kurdish and Sunni factions have been on the rise. Nouri al-Maliki, a Shia Muslim is accused by his rivals of trying to monopolize power. That is why Shia Muslims are often targeted by al-Qaida’s Iraqi affiliate and other Sunni Muslim insurgents. Every month this country […]

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Presumed murder of Yasser Arafat

Eight years ago,  Yasser Arafat, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) leader died at the age of 75 in a Paris military hospital shortly after an unexplainable illness. He was then buried in front of a crowd of thousands in his Ramallah headquarters. The French officials concluded that the death was caused by a blood disorder. However, […]

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Israel: a new opposition party

Former foreign minister, Tzipi Livini announced on Tuesday her return to the Israeli political arena. After six months of intense reflex ion, she decided to create a new party “The Movement”. In the speech she made at the journalist’s Union office in Tel Aviv, she said she wanted to partake in the process of building   […]

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Yemen: Strengthening anti-qat campaign

80% of Yemen population is believed to chew qat. This plant that posses narcotic properties is seen as an institution of Yemeni culture which brings people together and creates a particular atmosphere specific to Yemen and its people. However, many anti-qat campaigners have been working relentlessly to eradicate or at least decrease the use of […]

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Israel: retirement of defense minister

After half a century in Israel’s armed forces, Ehud Barak announced his decision to quit his post as Minister of defense. Known for his very high intellectual capacities he was the mastermind behind many attacks the country led on the Palestinian front. But this was the result of a whole life of investment in the […]

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UAE: elites to be educated by top UK School

Cranleigh is one of the United Kingdom’s most well established educational institutions. Founded in Surrey, it has been running for the past 147 years producing UK’s elite. This independent school wishes to get to the next level by partnering with emirates in an attempt to form the countries leaders. The announcement was made by Abu […]

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Mideast nuclear talks postponed

The United States announced this week end that talks to ban nuclear weapon in the Middle East will not be held in December as originally programmed. “The present conditions in the Middles East” as well as the difficulty organizers faced to find agreeable terms for the concerned states to be present at the conference are […]

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Middle East: steadiness of oil prices

It would have been no surprise if the price of oil rose greatly during the 8 days of violence that occurred due to the turmoil in the Gaza strip. But oil experts explain that since Israel and Palestine are not oil producing countries, oil consumers should be reassured that prices won’t be highly affected. Many […]

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2009’s debts comes back to haunt Dubai

When the state-linked entity DUBAI WORLD had such enormous debts in 2009, that  almost ruined the Emirates, a restructuring deal was made in June 2010. The agreement planned a repayment scheme in 3 years time that was scheduled to start this year. In the DUBAI WORLD restructuring proposed to banks, the money was meant to […]

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