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Middle East: nuclear conference

A Middle East free of nuclear weapons conference to be held in Finland will not be attended by Israel according to the head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) even though a Finnish delegation was in the country to lure them to the rendezvous. Although it’s a member of the IAEA, Israel isn’t a signatory […]

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Syria plans secret chemical weapon transfer

A defected Syrian general, Major-General Adnan Sillu, has admitted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is on the verge of transferring his chemical weapons to the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. According to him, there are plans by the Assad regime to transfer weapons to Hezbollah and to use chemical weapons on the Syrian people “as a […]

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The coercion game: all about the Strait of Hormuz

Following the training exercises aimed at keeping oil and shipping lanes open which begun in the Gulf concerning US and allied navies, Tehran has launched a submarine and a destroyer into the Gulf from Bandar Abbas port with orders coming from its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Both sides have rejected claims that their actions […]

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UAE: Management buys out shareholders

There are doubts over whether the operations and ownership of financial institutions in the Middle East and North Africa are heading for a change after unusual buy out deal was announced at a company in the United Arab Emirates. The management of the Essdar Capital has bought out the existing shareholders of the company without […]

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Iraq: oil and gas free zone

A specialized oil and gas free zone will be build on a 11 million square meter land at Khor Al-Zubair area in Basra in a joint venture agreement between Iraq General Commission of Free Zones and BIOGH Basra International Oil and Gas Hub. The zone will be serving as a mixed-use site for manufacturing, storage and […]

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Turkey: IPOs to continue growing

With the year almost coming to an end, the Chairman and CEO of Istanbul Stock Exchange, Ibrahim Turhan, revealed that up to 18 additional initial public offerings (IPOs) could be on their way. This number could be tripled because according to him, if the documents in their possession are taking into account, they “expect that […]

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Qatar: another Sukuk program

After two years of absence in the sukuk market, the board of the Qatar Islamic bank (QIB) has approved the issuance of another sukuk program. According to a released statement, an amount of $1.5 billion has been given the green flag by the board of the bank. Necessary procedures will soon follow as the release […]

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Syria envoy makes first visit

The new envoy of the UN-Arab League to Syria is on his maiden visit to the country as the situation continues to deteriorate. Lakhdar Brahimi was appointed as the special envoy to the war torn country two weeks ago. His spokesman, Ahmad Fawzi, said he will be having several meetings amongst which are the head […]

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Iran accused of clearing evidences

Iran’s controversial nuclear program has resurfaced. This time around, Tehran is accused of destroying evidences at the Parchin military site. The site has been clouded with suspicions and the United Nations nuclear inspectors want to visit it as part of their investigation into suspected weapons research. The governing board of the International Atomic Energy Agency […]

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KSA: organic farming arouses interests

A recently concluded study claims that organic products are gaining momentum as the sector is deemed to attain to be experiencing 10% annual growth in sales if the trend continues. Organic farms cover a surface area of 34,997 hectares but this will also increase to 5% of the total planted area by 2017. This year, […]

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