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Palestine/Israel : the peace treaty still far to reach…

Palestine’s Chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, has revealed that they will be willing to extend the negotiations with Israel if they can reach framework agreement by the end of the nine-month negotiations in April. Palestine and Israel have diverging views on how to end the conflict with both sides accusing each other of lacking the political […]

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Saudi Arabia to act without its Western allies

Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the Great Britain, has renewed the kingdom’s determination in Syria and concerns about the Iranian nuclear program. He also held the West responsible for the looming insecurity in the region and promised that Saudi Arabia “will not stand idly by” even without their cooperation. The […]

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Kuwait/Iraq : protecting each other’s investments

Kuwait and Iraq have renewed their efforts to strengthen their bilateral relationships by safeguarding their investments and regulating navigation in the Khor Abdullah. Three agreements were signed in this regards by their foreign ministers; Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah of Kuwait and Hoshyar Zebari of Iraq. Security cooperation was also discussed despite certain disagreements between them. […]

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Lebanon and Israel exchange fire

Exchange of gunfire at the border between Lebanon and Israel has left one Israeli soldier dead. The incident happened near the village of Naqoura, at around 8:30pm on Sunday night. Israel has warned that it will react to provocations while the United Nations Forces in Lebanon (UNFIL) have called for “restraint” as investigations continue. In […]

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Is the GCC Opening Up to Iran?

The Gulf Cooperation Council member countries, which have been dreading Iran and its nuclear program as a potential threat to their security and to the security of the entire Middle East region for years, have “welcomed the new stand of the Iranian leadership towards the GCC states.” In a communiqué issued on Wednesday at the […]

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Kuwait : bright minds” and patent rights race

Kuwait has emerged as the country in the Gulf Cooperation Council with the best-ever rate of annual growth in U.S. patent rights. Much of its success is credited to the important role being played by the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC) for encouraging and promoting creativity among Kuwaitis. A report from the […]

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UAE/Hong Kong : strengthening ties

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Hong Kong have renewed their desire to further develop their trading ties.  UAE wants to be the inevitable hub in the Middle East and has been reinforcing its ties with trading partners from different regions. Abdullah Ahmed Al Saleh, Undersecretary for Foreign Trade at the UAE Ministry of Economy, […]

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Iran : Major global gas supplier in 10years

Iran is tipped to be an important gas supplier by 2023 if companies return to exploit its immense gas fields some of which have been lying idle for several years. Sanctions from the US and EU are holding back companies to venture in the country. The signing of an agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program is […]

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Mena countries turn to Canada for arms

Canada has surfaced as one of the major countries active in providing arms to countries with unimpressive human rights records or a history of violent internal conflict. Countries in the Middle East and North Africa have become customers with trade in arms and ammunition reaching a 100% explosion. Canada’s arms trade is legal and regulated. […]

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KSA : relaxing sovereignty to empower the Gulf Union

Saudi minister of state for foreign affairs  Dr. Nizar Madani has called for a greater collaboration between the members of the Gulf Corporation Council at the Manama Dialogue. He emphasized on the need for a closer Gulf “union” with states ceding some of their sovereignty to make it more powerful and an important regional organization. […]

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