Egypt suspends temporarily navigation through Suez Canal to refloat grounding ship

Egyptian authorities Thursday announced temporal suspension of navigation in the Suez Canal until the completion of flotation work of the stuck vessel. “Admiral Osama Rabie, Chairman and Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority has announced today; Thursday March 25th, Read more

Tunisia, UAE & Bahrain on EU’s Tax Heaven Blacklist

Tunisia, UAE and Bahrain have featured among the 17 countries included in the EU’s tax heaven blacklist. The EU’s financial minister drew up the list explaining that 47 countries were put on a “grey list” to be monitored until they Read more

Oman: Citizens of 25 countries allowed to visit country with American, EU valid visa

Oman authorities have loosened entry restrictions for citizens of 25 countries who seek to visit the sultanate. The regulations say that citizens of the shortlist can now enter the country on a non-sponsored e-visa supported by a valid residence or Read more

Morocco/Panama Papers: Business Discretion Does Not Necessarily Means Wrongdoings

Being discreet in business does not necessarily means illegal practices, wrongdoings or a desire to seek tax heavens, says Hicham Naciri, defense attorney of the private secretariat of King Mohammed VI. In an exclusive interview with Media24 online digital newspaper Read more