Kuwait expels two Egyptians for financing Lebanese powerful movement Hezbollah

Kuwait’s Interior ministry has deported after interrogation two Egyptians charged for providing financial support to Iran-backed and Lebanese powerful movement Hezbollah, blacklisted terrorist organization by several western countries, reports say. The two Egyptians not identified, were considered threat to the Read more

U.S slaps sanctions on Chinese logistic firm for helping blacklisted Iran’s Mahan Air airliner

The U.S Tuesday blacklisted a Shanghai-based logistic firm over alleged accusation that the company provides services to Iran’s airliner Mahan Air which has been the US sanction list since 2011, Anadolu News agency reports. Saint Logistics Limited, which provides services Read more

Tunisia, UAE & Bahrain on EU’s Tax Heaven Blacklist

Tunisia, UAE and Bahrain have featured among the 17 countries included in the EU’s tax heaven blacklist. The EU’s financial minister drew up the list explaining that 47 countries were put on a “grey list” to be monitored until they Read more