Oman: Citizens of 25 countries allowed to visit country with American, EU valid visa

Oman authorities have loosened entry restrictions for citizens of 25 countries who seek to visit the sultanate.

The regulations say that citizens of the shortlist can now enter the country on a non-sponsored e-visa supported by a valid residence or tourist visa for the US, Canada, Australia, the UK or European Union countries at the time of the application.

The applicants must also have a passport valid for six months, a return flight ticket and a confirmed hotel reservation in Oman.

The entry visa fee is $52 for a one-month tourist visa. The fee was $13 but was quadrupled earlier this year to diversify state revenues.

The new countries are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Albania, Uzbekistan, Iran, Panama, Bhutan, Bosnia, Peru, Belarus, Turkmenistan, The Maldives, Georgia, Honduras, Salvador, Tajikistan, Guatemala, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Costa Rica, Laos, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

The new move follows the decision made early October to ease travel procedures for citizens of Russia, China and India.

The Sultanate is planning to attract 11 million tourists as part of the country’s 2040 vision.

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