Western Powers, KSA, UAE & Qatar Ponder over Libya’s Economic Hurdles

The UK, US and the EU in addition to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar Monday discussed in London plans to support the Libyan economy and prevent the North African oil-rich country from sliding deeper in economic turmoil. Read more

Libya: GNA Bounces to Gain Back Tripoli from Revenant Ghwell

Prime Minister Faiez Serraj and his cabinet have ordered arrest and indictment of armed men led by former rival Tripoli Prime Minister Khalifa Ghwell who took control Friday of the High State Council building, formerly used by General National Council Read more

UK MPs Decry ‘Intelligence Failure’ Permeating NATO’s Intervention in Libya

A report by the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee on the origins, policies, and aftermath of NATO’s military intervention in Libya in 2011 severely indicted former Prime Minister David Cameron as well as his foreign secretary, William Hague, and Read more

Libya: Tripoli arrests UAE soldier for “spying”

Libyan authorities in charge of the capital Tripoli said on Wednesday they have arrested and placed under investigation, a soldier from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on suspicion of spying, after they found evidence in his documents and on his Read more