Moroccans Vote on Oct.07 to Elect their MPs

About 16 million Moroccans head to the polls on October 7th to choose their MPs for the 395-seat lower house of parliament. These parliamentary elections are the 2nd ballots since the adoption of the new Constitution in 2011 and the Read more

Turkey: AKP and HDP MPs Fight over Immunity Lifting, Draft Approved

After the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the opposition People’s Democratic Party (HDP) exchanged blows, kicks and throwing objects at each other during a constitutional parliamentary commission meeting to lift immunity of lawmakers, the draft was adopted and Read more

Bahraini MPs Call for Declaration of War against Hezbollah, Terrorist Organizations

Bahraini Parliamentarians called for a declaration of war against Hezbollah, and other radical and terrorist organizations operating in the region. They also singled out Iran and its allies alleging that their risky practices pose a threat to Arab countries especially Read more

Egypt: Cabinet Allegedly Received “Bribes” to Condone Handover of Islands to KSA

Egyptian officials on top of whom President al-Sisi allegedly received bribes from Saudi Arabia during King Salman‘s five-day visit to endorse agreements among which handover of the two Islands to Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi official documents leaked by former Read more

Sahara: Rabat, Moscow Voice Serious Concern Over Latest Developments

King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced Tuesday serious concern over the latest developments of the Sahara issue “at the level of the United Nations Secretariat “, making reference to the recent inappropriate remarks made by Read more

King Mohammed VI & French President Urge Libyan MPs to Endorse New Cabinet

King Mohammed VI and French president François Hollande have called on the Libyan House of Representatives “to quickly approve” the new line-up for unity government to restore peace to Libya where the prevailing violence is threatening the stability of the Read more