Morocco: Green March Anniversary, a Renewed Oath for Territorial Integrity, Development

Morocco is celebrating on Friday November 6 the 40th anniversary of the Green March, the peaceful march of 350,000 Moroccans that enabled the North African country to recover its southern provinces, known as Western Sahara, that had been long colonized Read more

Morocco’s King Travels to India to Defend African Causes

King Mohammed VI of Morocco, who champions African causes in international fora, went to New Delhi to attend the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit to bolster African causes and lift African-Indian cooperation to new heights. The four-day summit, which opens doors Read more

UN-Morocco: climate change, one of the greatest threats to mankind

Morocco is fully aware that global warming and climate change are one of the greatest threats to mankind and is therefore actively involved in the international efforts to address this global issue. Morocco’s commitment to help address climate change was Read more

Mohammed VI Foundation for African Religious Scholars, Bulwark Against Extremism

The strong & centuries-old relationship between Morocco and the African continent received Monday a boost with the announcement of birth of a new institute for African religious scholars. The announcement was made Monday evening at a ceremony chaired by King Read more

Former U.S. Ambassadors Urge Obama to Rev Up Morocco Reforms

Morocco, major US ally in North Africa, has weathered the chaos of the Arab Spring by further advancing its own reforms and making significant progress on human rights, says a group of former U.S. ambassadors who served in the North Read more