Jordan: Shortage in Donations will affect Syrian refugees

Amman has warned that its policies towards Syrian refugees could change if the upcoming February 4 donor conference in London does not help it to overcome the challenges it is facing. Authorities claim to have spent around $6.6billion over the Read more

Bahrain to Adopt Austerity Measures

Bahrain would soon introduce austerity measures as recommended by a delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which visited the Gulf country January 12 to 25 for annual consultations. Bahrain is struggling with the low oil prices and IMF forecasted Read more

Iraq: ISIS attacks seek to disunite Iraqis

Sectarian violence could increase in Iraq after an attack by the Islamic State targeting Shias provoked revenge attacks against Sunni mosques. At the height of Iraq’s civil war, which began nearly a decade ago with the ousting of Saddam Hussein, Read more

KSA: Riyadh angered by S&P credit rating downgrade

Standard and Poor’s (S&P) rating agency decided to downgrade Saudi Arabia’s long term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings from AA- to A+ on Friday citing the effects of the low oil prices but authorities in Riyadh are not Read more

Tunisia: Interest rates reduced to boost investment, revive economy

Tunisia’s central bank, for the first time since the end of the Ben Ali regime, has cut interest rate by 0.50% because inflation has dropped. It hopes that the decision will contribute to reviving economy and attracting foreign investment. A Read more