Palestine: Abbas roping in Russia, China to lead peace process with Israel

President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine has sent delegations to Moscow and Beijing to seek the intervention of the two UN Security Council members in the peace process with Israel after the Palestinian leader ruled out the US mediation following President Read more

Syria: China wants dialogue for a political solution

China’s special envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan presently on a regional tour told reporters that Beijing “defends Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” He invited all the parties engaged in the ongoing war to “resolve their problems by increasing their communication” Read more

Beijing will boost military ties with Djibouti – Top official

China will boost military ties with Djibouti, strategically located in the Horn of Africa, state media reported on Thursday. China is seeking closer ties with African nations that could help it gain access to natural resources and provide new markets. Read more

Iran and China sign military agreement, collective military movement envisioned

Iran and China signed a military agreement that would help to “create a collective movement” against terrorism and serve as an “upgrade in long-term military and defense cooperation” between them and in their joint military exercises. Signed by defense ministers Read more