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Iran developing ballistic missiles, UN

The negotiations between Iran and the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany could take another turn during their next rendezvous because of Tehran’s intention to develop ballistic missiles. The claims were stated in a UN confidential report and could redefine the terms of the negotiations. Iran has always maintained that missiles should […]

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UAE tops MENA beauty and personal care

Expenditure in the Middle East and North Africa with regards to beauty and personal care has been on the rise according to figures presented by Euromonitor International.  The market is worth billions of dollars and it is expected to continue growing. The United Arab Emirates is the highest per capita spenders in the MENA region. […]

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KSA: Iran’s FM invited to Saudi Arabia anytime

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal has revealed that they have “sent an invitation to the [Iranian] foreign minister, but this intention to visit has not become a fact.” Iran and Saudi Arabia have always been accusing each other of undermining the peace in the region. The announcement coincided with the arrival of U.S […]

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KSA: Riyadh ready to provide oil whenever needed

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi has stated that the Kingdom is willing to provide the international market with oil whenever there is shortage. He made these remarks at the sidelines of a conference he is attending in South Korea. He cited that oil prices should be pegged at $100 and downplayed the role on […]

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IRAN: US RQ-170 replica produced by Tehran

Iran has announced that it has copied the US drone that it brought down over its territory and test flight will soon be held. The drone known as US RQ-170 Sentinel was brought down in an electrical warfare while the US claims that that drone had technical problems. Almost 3years after the incident, Iranian television […]

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Israel: Iran’s “radical regime” should be blocked, PM Netanyahu

Prime Minster Netanyahu has stressed on the necessity of preventing “the renewed threat of mass destruction by a radical regime” in Iran after a meeting with U.S officials. He also met with National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, who gave assurances that Washington is determined to interrupt any nuclear developing arm in Iran. Israel and the […]

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Lebanon: Political parties delay presidential elections

Some Lebanese lawmakers are staying away from parliament on days scheduled to elect a president as the actual President Michel Sleiman’s six-year term in office is set to expire on May 25. The ongoing absenteeism has forced Speaker Nabih Berrito of the parliament to postpone the elections for the third time in a row. The […]

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Kuwait : IMF signals danger signs to Kuwait

Kuwait has received a warning from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that its economy is very vulnerable due to its heavy dependence on oil exports. The government has been asked to “contain current expenditures” to avoid any immediate shocks if oil prices start falling. Kuwait increased its public expenses to overcome the anti-government protests and […]

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Qatar: The Emir to launch Al-Jazeera opponent soon

Reports from The National have claimed that the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, is behind a television project that will soon be launched in Europe to counter the well-known Al-Jazeera news network. The decision is said to be prompted by the recent allegations that Qatar has a soft side for the […]

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Growing Number of European Jihadists in Syria Worries European Countries

European countries are increasingly worried by the phenomenon of European jihadists or what some call “citizen jihadists” who travel to fight in Syria, fearing that these militants would pose a threat to their own countries once they are back from Syria. Several countries have started taking preventive and repressive measures to fight the radicalization of […]

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