Violent clashes flare up in Bahrain between Police & protesters

Bahraini security forces have clashed with thousands of young protesters who tried to flock and rally at the Pearl Roundabout, in the capital of Manama, to mark the one-year anniversary of pro-democracy demonstrations. TV footage showed protesters hustling away from Read more

Egypt & U.S. Relations Heading towards Crisis?

19 young Americans are among the 43 pro-democracy activists who have been arrested lately by the Egyptian authorities and will be tried for setting up groups without licenses and receiving illegal foreign funding. These Americans are working for National Democratic Read more

Palestine: will Hamas & Fatah reconciliation hold?

The Palestinian Fatah and Hamas movements have reached a preliminary agreement in Qatar on forming an interim unity government that would be led by Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority based in the West Bank. The agreement was Read more

Ismail Haniya Seeks Support in his 2nd Regional Tour

Hamas prime minister in the occupied Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniya has started a new regional tour to raise funds to alleviate the ongoing sufferings endured by the Palestinians besieged in the coastal enclave. Mr. Haniya, who has already visited Doha Read more

Hamas To Move Back Its Headquarters to Amman ?

Political leader of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Khaled Meshal, has paid lately a “historic” visit to Jordan where he conferred with King Abdullah II on bilateral relations, the situation in occupied Palestine, stalled peace talks with Tel Aviv and Read more