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Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei defines Iran’s nuclear stance

Iran’s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has shared his views on the unending Iranian nuclear talks. Khamenei approved of the extension of talks but questioned Washington’s ambition due to its “chameleon” statements. He shared his thoughts on Israel concerns about the nuclear program and vowed that Iran won’t bow down to pressure but rather to […]

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GCC triumphant at OPEC meeting

Gulf oil producers led by Saudi Arabia have won the case for keeping the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) output unchanged, overriding calls from poorer members of the exporters’ group for action to halt a slide in crude prices. The decision is unpopular among other countries who wanted output to be reduced in […]

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Bahrain slams Iran for “repetitive interference”

Bahrain has accused Iran of mingling into its domestic affairs after it criticized a search conducted at the house of Shiite cleric Shaikh Eisa Qasim. Bahrain claims that the search was part of efforts to find a suspect alleged to be involved in a bomb blast that occurred last week. Cleric Qasim is the most […]

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Syria: 10 fighter jets strike ISIS in Raqqa

Syrian jets have bombarded the city of Raqqa which is a stronghold of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Government forces were forced out of the Raqqa province by the ISIS by the end of August after heavy fighting. Diverging reports have been coming out of the city with regards to the casualties […]

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KSA: $60bn investment planned in Petrochemicals ahead of Trade Fair

A report has hinted that Saudi Arabia is getting ready to invest more than $60 billion in petrochemical projects while the plastic industry is also being developed to support economic diversification away from hydrocarbons. The upcoming Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2015 trade fair is expected to give the authorities a major insight in some of […]

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Lebanon: Hezbollah gets Iranian missiles for future Israeli war

Hezbollah has been equipped by Iran with missiles that can reach targets in northern and southern Israel.  Naim Qassem, the deputy head of Hezbollah, said these missiles have “pinpoint accuracy” and have boosted the group’s “readiness for any future war” with Israel. Analysts think that Iran’s considerable military and financial investment in Hezbollah is intended […]

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Iran: Six-nation bloc anticipating a no-deal with Iran

The six-nation nuclear talks with Iran over its nuclear program will be reaching a deadline on November 24 but hopes of sealing a deal seem beyond the horizon.  President Rouhani said that an agreement can be reached if Western countries showed “political will” and stopped making “excessive demands.” Russia’s main negotiator in the talks, Sergei […]

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Bahrain: Shias boycott elections, claim more rights, more political freedom

Bahrain will be having municipal and parliamentary elections on Saturday, the first since the 2011 protests, but the polls are already being marred by boycotts from the Shia community and five political parties as demands for more rights and a greater say in government remain unanswered. They claim that parliamentary members will be manipulated by […]

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Syria on the brink of becoming a failed state

“Syria as it was will never exist again. The economy will be smaller. The population will be smaller,” said Bassel Kaghadou, program director of the National Agenda for the Future of Syria. After more than three and a half years of war, Syria’s future is becoming a case of concern as the fight between government […]

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Oman: Sohar multimodal logistics hub becoming a reality

The road project linking Saudi Arabia to Oman is in its final stages in Oman. It is expected to be available for use by early 2015. The Executive Commercial Manager at Sohar Port and Free zone said that the opening of the new road will reduce the almost 2,000km distance between the two countries by […]

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